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The City of Scottsbluff provides sanitation, sewer, and water services.

For electric, contact Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD).

For gas, contact Black Hills Energy.


City Hall
2525 Circle Drive
Scottsbluff, NE 69361

P: (308) 632-4136
F: (308) 630-6294

Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Sanitation Rates
Sanitation rates (effective on billings after 10-1-23)
Residential monthly (one container) $25.38
Residential monthly (two containers) $58.05

Multifamily structures (rate per unit):
     2 to 4 units $25.38
     5 to 6 units $22.80
     7 to 10 units $21.55
     11 to 16 units $20.28
     17 to 39 units $18.98
     40 to 59 units $17.71
     60 or more units $16.49

Commercial monthly:
     90 gallon $52.49
     1.5 cubic yard $70.01
     3.0 cubic yard $133.22

-Yard waste container (pickup of yard waste is no additional cost if you currently have sanitation services)

-Single stream recycling (pickup of single stream recycling is no additional cost if you currently have sanitation services)

-Special collections (refer to City code 6-6-27)
Sewer Rates
Sewer rates (effective on billings after 10-1-23)
Each user shall pay a monthly sewer service charge of $20.51.  Each user shall pay an additional charge of $2.79 per each  1,000 gallons for all gallons of water consumed by the user during the applicable monthly billing period as determined in Chapter 18 of the City's code.

Wholesale users shall pay 92.5% of the charges noted above.
Water Rates
Water rates (effective on billing after 10-1-23)
Gallons: Rate per thousand gallons:
ALL Gallons $1.71

Consumption of any part of 1,000 gallons shall be considered as consumption of an entire 1,000 gallons for purposes of calculating billed consumption and total consumption charge.

Each user of the City water system within City limits shall pay a monthly charge based on meter size as follows:

Water meter size: Minimum charge:
     5/8" or 3/4" $10.99
     1" $19.88
     1 1/2" $37.66
     2" $50.98
     3" $81.76
     4" $125.34
     6" $177.54
     8" $264.48

Users outside of City limits pay:

     1.5 times minimum charges listed above


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