25-6-17. Political signs; intent of regulation. The intent and purpose of the regulations in this Article pertaining to political signs is to allow a maximum of political expression by such means which is compatible with significant interests of the public and of individuals in the protection of the right of privacy of individuals and the quiet and undisturbed enjoyment of property, and which will prevent practices commonly associated with the placement of such signs which are not conducive to the public health, safety and welfare, including but not limited to trespassing upon private property, placement without permission of the property owner, placement in such manner as to make removal difficult, hazards to traffic because of size, location or proliferation, aesthetically displeasing impact in residential areas, littering caused by dislodged signs, and delay in removal of non-removal of signs after an election. (Ord. 3639, 2000)

25-6-18. Authorization; restrictions; requirements; general. Political signs are permissible in any zoning district, subject to compliance with: (1) the restrictions and requirements contained in sections 25-6-18 through 25-6-24, and (2) the restrictions and requirements contained in sections 25-6-2, 25-6-6 and 25-6-8. (Ord. 3639, 2000)

25-6-19. Specifications; R, O-P, PBC, A Zones . No political sign in any R Zone, O-P Zone, PBC Zone or A Zone shall exceed eight (8) square feet in total area; provided a double-faced sign may have such area on both sides. No political sign, unless within a building or enclosed structure, shall have an overall height in excess of four (4) feet. No political sign shall be specially lighted, either directly or indirectly. (Ord. 3639, 2000)

25-6-20. Sign placement; removal; time. No political sign shall be erected or displayed sooner than forty-five (45) days prior to the date of the election to which the sign pertains, and every such sign shall be removed by the applicant within ten (10) days after the election. (Ord. 3639, 2000)

25-6-21. Posting; consent of property owner; public rights of way, property. Nothing in this Article shall be interpreted to authorize the posting or display of political signs upon:

 1. private propertywithout the consent of the person(s) in possession or control thereof, or

 2. the right of way of any public street, alley or other public way, or upon any property owned by, or in the possession or control of, any governmental subdivision or agency. (Ord. 3639, 2000)

25-6-22. Signs in violation; notice. If a political sign shall have been placed without compliance or, as the case may be, shall not have been removed in compliance, with an applicable provision in this Article, the Development Services Director shall cause written notice specifying the violation and ordering removal of the sign within three (3) days after the date of the order, to be personally served or, as the case may be, mailed (1) to the person(s) who erected the sign, if known or if not known; (2) to the person(s) in possession of the premises, if known or if not known; to (3) the owner(s) of record of the premises. It shall be unlawful for the person(s) to whom such an order is directed to fail to comply with the order. (Ord. 3639, 2000)

25-6-23. Signs in violation; removal. The event of refusal or failure to remove a political sign on the part of the person(s) to whom an order to remove the sign has been directed as provided in this Article, the Director or Code Administrator II may enter upon the premises and remove the sign if situated in a yard not wholly enclosed within a fence, including a closed gate, and if such entry will not violate any provision in sections 13-2-9 or 13-2-10. After such officer shall have removed such a sign, he or she shall cause it to be transported to the office of the Department of Planning, Building and Development, where it shall be held for a period of thirty (30) days, during which it may be claimed and received by a person entitled to possession of the sign, as determined by the Director or Code Administrator II. If the sign shall remain not claimed and received, as provided in this section, after such period, the Director shall cause the sign to be destroyed. (Ord. 3639, 2000)

25-6-24. Signs inside buildings, structures. The restrictions and requirements contained in the preceding sections shall not apply to any political sign placed inside a building or enclosed structure. (Ord. 3639, 2000)