Recollect FLYER

Never miss your waste collection day again!

The City of Scottsbluff launched its mobile app, Scottsbluff Sanitation, to make it even easier for residents to stay connected about waste and recycling collection programs.

Residents can download our mobile app, Scottsbluff Sanitation, for Apple: or Android:

In the mobile app, you’ll find the garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection schedule specific to your house address. The mobile app can also remind you of your collection day, so you’ll never forget again!

Also in the mobile app, you can search our Recycling Directory to find out if a material can be reused, recycled, composted or disposed.

If you don’t have an Apple or Android smartphone, you can also visit the Sanitation page on our website at and search your home address in our My Schedule tool. You can then: 

  • Sign up for waste collection reminders by email, phone call, or text message.
  • Download your collection schedule into your iCal, Google calendar or Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • Print your collection schedule.

You can also search the Recycling Directory to learn how to properly recycle or dispose of materials on the Sanitation page on our website listed above.

The residents of our city do a great job recycling, composting, and diverting waste away from landfill. It's now even easier to learn about solid waste management in our community with our improved mobile app, Scottsbluff Sanitation, and our online tools. Sign up for collection day reminders and never forgot to put out your recycling again!