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Sewer Backups

Slow Drains...Sewer Backups

If you notice that your sink, tub, toilet or washer are draining more slowly than normal, or you see water coming up in your floor drain - your sewer service line may be partially/fully blocked.  Try to determine if the problem is throughout the entire house, or just in one area.  Is everything draining slow?

When drains throughout the house seem slow, please call us to come check the main sewer line that serves your location.  Our staff can determine whether the problem is being caused by the City's main line, or something within your service line.

Please take time to see what the City is doing to help prevent sewer backups by reviewing our Collection System Maintenance Program.

Things You Can Do To Help Prevent Sewer Backups
Do not put these items down your sinks, toilets or any other outlet to the sewer system:

  •  Grease or cooking oil from pots/pans/dishes contributes to buildup in your sewer line.
  •  Clothing (Within our community, we have found items of clothing that have caused our lift station pumps to shut down.)
  • Feminine Products
  • Kleenex
  • Diapers
  • Rags
  • Styrofoam cups
  • Motor oil
  • Solvents/paints
  • Lumber or Building Material

Along with grease buildup in residential lines, tree roots are another common cause of backups.  When you add the two together, it creates a solid block that sewer flows can't easily get through.

Cleanup From Sewer Backup Damage
Cleaning up after a sewer backup is critical.  It should take place as soon as possible, no matter what the circumstances or cause.

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