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How You Can Help

Helping from home:  Easy tips to keep our waters clean.

  • Litter Disposal; Dispose of litter by throwing it in a covered trash can or recycling it.  In addition, do your part by disposing of litter you find in the street or on the sidewalk.  Windblown trash can clog storm inlets creating localized flooding along with water pollution.
  • Storing materials; Many common materials we use every day can contaminate water and enter our storm system.  Any material which is water soluble or could be carried by run-off should be stored indoors or under cover.  A tarp secured tightly can prevent damage to materials as well as prevent contaminated run-off.
  • Washing your car; Along with the dirt and mud on your vehicle comes road grime and other pollutants.  Even the dust from your brakes contain heavy metals - add this to the dirt, oil, detergent and grime and you create an unhealthy concoction for our rivers and streams.  Taking your car to a self-service car wash (which is designed with special drains for proper disposal) or washing your car on your lawn (the dirt below will act as a filter for the soap) can reduce the pollution in our community.
  • Pet waste; It's best to dispose of pet waste in the trash or, better yet, flush it down the toilet.  This water will be properly treated to remove the nutrients and bacteria before it is released to the river.
  • Household chemicals;  Cleaning products and other household chemicals should never be dumped outside, down the sink - or down a storm drain.  Call Environmental Services (630-0985) to find out the location of a facility that will dispose of them properly.
  • Fertilizer and pesticides;  You'll need to take leftover substances to a designated waste control area.  Contact the seller of the product to inquire about these facilities.
  • Report Illegal Dumping;  Visit and click on the Complaints section to find an easy to fill out form, call 630-8011, or email 
  • Practice Rain Water Harvesting; You can capture the rain that falls on your roof and other areas by directing them to grassed or landscaped areas or by using a rain barrel.  Rain Water Harvesting prevents this run-off from picking up pollutants and harming our water ways.


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