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Construction Dumpsters

Container Size Charge/Month 
 1.5 CY  $60.90

The City of Scottsbluff provides 1.5 CY construction dumpsters.  These containers are for small construction waste material only. ABSOLUTELY NO: TIRES, SHINGLES, APPLIANCES, CONCRETE, DIRT, YARD WASTE, HEAVY OBJECTS OR HAZARDOUS WASTE ARE ALLOWED IN THESE DUMPSTERS. If any of these objects are in the can, we WILL NOT dump it. 

  • Containers need to be pre-paid at the city office. You may call or go in person to the city office. (308)-632-4136.  
  • Payment is good for four (4) dumps or four (4) weeks, whichever comes first.
  • Thursdays are the scheduled day for dumping.
  • If you need the container dumped on a different day, you must call a day in advance to schedule it.
  • Extra pickups will be provided on an on call basis with extra charges billed accordingly.
If you need the container for additional time, you need to pre-pay for another month, or the container will be removed when your fourth dump is completed.  If the can is not out on final pick up day we will try to contact you via phone to schedule a pickup time. 

There are ten (10) scheduled holidays that the City observes during the year.  Please note pickups will be on different days during those weeks.  Calendar for holiday's the city observes can be viewed on the city webpage.

For questions, please contact Environmental Services at (308) 630-0985.
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