Monument Valley Pathway Update:

Monument Valley Pathway Project Update:

The City of Scottsbluff in conjunction with Paul Reed construction and M.C. Schaff & Associates would like to give an update on the Pathway that is being constructed in the City of Scottsbluff.

This project began on July 20th, 2020 at the Riverside park area behind the Zoo. It is connected to the existing path that is along the river just west of the dog park and heads north past the RV park, around to the Beltline Highway. We then crossed the Beltline Highway and went through the old park road area to West Overland where the path then lays on the north side of West Overland to Avenue V and then north to 20th street. We stay on the south side of 20th street going east until we get near the entrance to Cleveland Field where we then cross and stay on the north side of 20th going east to Avenue I. We then proceed north on Avenue I on the west side all the way to 31st street where it crosses and go through Northwood park to 33rd street. The path then crosses and winds its way around and behind the Stoney Creek housing area and then follows along Highway 26 to Avenue B. We then cross Avenue B heading east and we get to the location where the pedestrian bridge will be constructed. The bridge will be across from Grace Chapel and will span the 4 lane highway. The path then stays on the north side from Grace Chapel going east to 5th Avenue where it crosses and continues east along Wintercreek Drive to just short of the Fairfield Inn. It will then continue around the front of Reganis to 27th Street and proceed to the entrance of the college.

To date most of the main pathway has been paved, which is 10 feet wide by six inches thick. The crews are working on intersections and areas where utilities needed to be moved. You will see work at 27th street north of Highway 26 as we continue to get ready to pave the rest of the path to the college.

Work is slated to begin in November on the pedestrian bridge over Highway 26. It will connect the north path to the south path and will span the highway with no center column in the state island. It will take several months to do the dirt work and concrete work in preparation for the bridge to be installed.

Work has progressed very well along the pathway and we appreciate the motoring public using caution when in and around any of the construction area. This project is slated to be completed in July of 2021 and will be approximately six miles in length and a great addition to the City of Scottsbluff for years to come.

Monument Valley Pathway