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  • Our conditions have shown improvement.


  • City Council approved a study for expanding TIF District on both sides of Broadway
  • CRA Board approved development plan for a gas station at NE corner of Avenue I and 27th Street
  • Will be presenting at PADD’s Planning Workshop on 1/21/21


  • We hit over 200 patrons in one day for the first time since we reopened from the COVID closure (with the exception of a couple days of programming). I believe word is spreading that we are closing again, and people are stocking up. Unexpectedly, most of these patrons said they never knew we reopened after COVID. We have been in the news media frequently since the reopening, and all-over social media. We have added back some of the furniture and chairs in the reading areas, measuring to create appropriate social distancing due to COVID. 
  • We are preparing for the carpet renovation. Every filing cabinet has to be emptied, all desks must be cleared, all computer have to be unhooked and stored, and more. Saturday the 30th all computers except one will be unhooked.
  • Teentober is happening all month and 25 teens have been in to pick up a program card but since they have the option to participate fully on-line we have no accurate count for the activities. 
  • The American Library Association is hosting the Midwinter Conference virtually this year for the first (and likely last) time ever. This has created a unique opportunity for all of the full time library staff to attend! Typically this conference is too expensive for more than one or two staff members to attend, and most years we simply do not go. This year the cost is significantly reduced ($350 per attendee with one free attendee at the group rate). This used most of our CE budget but is completely worth it for this once in a lifetime opportunity for most of the staff. The conference starts today (1/22) and ends on Monday. Staff is using library laptops to participate


  • We did run one dumpster fire, but largely medical responses. COVID responses remain on the decline.  Overlapping calls occurred eight times, or 21.05%.  Average response times were around four minutes and twenty-seven seconds, which is within our goal.  Most calls for service occurred between Thursday and Saturday last week.
  • We had a mutual-aid meeting last Thursday that had some excellent discussion. All of the fire departments are working to better enhance the response system as a whole.  Two main discussions were the formation of specialized teams, specifically hazardous materials, technical rescue, and dive rescue, and developing response procedures to guide the Communications Center.  The specialty teams discussion started with how to more efficiently respond to these low-frequency, high-risk types of incidents.  These types of incidents have a large demand on personnel and utilize expensive equipment.  The communications discussion came about when it was determined we (all fire departments) have never given any direction to the dispatchers as to what information we need relayed to us when responding.  In order to correct that, we have formed a small committee to discuss the procedures we want put in place to assist the Communications Center in providing us consistent information.
  • Fire prevention efforts have started off well this year. We are getting the data and information submitted to The Compliance Engine to assist us with notifying businesses and third-party inspectors when inspections are performed and when due.  As mentioned last week, our prevention records are completer and more accurate than they have been in many years.  We thank the Council for passing the update to the fire code and ordinances, which will help us in providing a better service to the community regarding fire protection. 
  • We recently started utilizing the former Senior Center as a training site. This has been very helpful in providing an area where we can develop and hone our skills.  We have been able to perform search and rescue, ventilation, MAYDAY, and laddering drills all while being mindful to not cause damage to the building.  Having several of our props stored in the shed at this site has also been helpful in not having to transport the props back and forth to the station. 
  • Lastly, a former Fire Captain, Dan Murphy, passed away last week. Dan served the Scottsbluff Fire Department from July 1, 1971 to August 31, 1995.  His family has asked us to present the colors at his celebration of life this coming Saturday.  The Honor Guard will post the colors and present the family with a flag out of respect for his many years of service and dedication to the community.  The celebration of life will be at the Weborg 21 Centre at 2:00 p.m., January 23rd. 


  • On Monday, January 18, Captain Lance Kite assumed the responsibilities of the Department’s Operations Captain. Capt. Kite is basically in charge of everyone in uniform and all of the associated equipment. We are in the process of reviewing the responsibilities of both the Support Services Captain and the Operations Captain to ensure that the assignments are equitable and we are operating effectively and efficiently.
  • By January 31st we have to certify our use of force policy with the Nebraska Crime Commission, ensuring that it conforms to current professional standards. We have been researching and rewriting our current use of force policy prior to this requirement. I am confident that our use of force policy is up to or exceeds the standards.
  • Officers Griess and Harges continue their efforts at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Academy. Officer Megan Brady is currently in her second week, she started our 13-week Field Training Officer (FTO) program.
  • Starting January 25th Scotts Bluff County will begin to receive 470 doses of vaccine weekly. Scotts Bluff County will conduct 1st and 2nd shot clinics weekly. Next week they will conduct two 2nd shot clinics and one 75+ clinic. PPHD, Scotts Bluff County Health, and many others have been working hard to organize the vaccination clinics. They are making great progress and are to be commended. Many of the Police Department will receive their second shot next week.

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