Goals 2017-2018

City Council Goals

Fiscal Health & Responsibility

• Maintain sound financial policies
• Ensure reasonable City rates and fees
• Maintain a fiscal model balancing short-term and long-term needs
• Apply strategies to promote sustainability of City services
• Carefully balanced land planning reflecting sound land use principles

Public Infrastructure & Services

• Proactively maintain infrastructure for current and future needs
• Provide sound utility systems

• Provide safe and reliable water

• Provide sound wastewater facilities
• Maintain Public Safety responsiveness
• Promote Public Safety initiatives and awareness

• Fire Prevention education

• Police Department activities

• Encourage livability through healthy lifestyles and quality of life

• Parks & Recreation amenities

• Library educational opportunities

• Strengthen community service partnerships and regional collaboration

• Promote customer service

Economic Development

• Revitalization of Business and Residential Districts
• Implement Regional Economic Development Plan
• Market the City