Development Services

Development Services

The Development Service Department is responsible for building inspections, code enforcement, current & long-range planning, zoning, and permit coordination.  The City of Scottsbluff's Geographic Information System (GIS) also operates under the direction of the Development Services department.

The City of Scottsbluff adopted its current Comprehensive Plan in 2016. Click the button below to view.
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Effort Being Led by North Platte Natural Resources District
The North Platte Natural Resources District (NPNRD) is in the process of updating its regional multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) which includes the City of Scottsbluff. HMPs are required to be updated on a five-year cycle by FEMA and evaluate a range of natural and man-made hazards to the communities within the four-county planning area.

As part of the HMP update process, the City of Scottsbluff is also addressing key aspects as part of the Community Rating System (CRS) program. The CRS program is designed to identify and reduce risks to flooding in the city and, by participating, garner discounts on flood insurance for the city and its residents.

All members of the public are encouraged to participate in this plan update process and provide local input on flooding concerns in Scottsbluff.

For more information on this planning effort contact the JEO project coordinator, Phil Luebbert, at 402-474-8768 or or Scottsbluff Stormwater Program Specialist, Leann Sato, at 308-630-8011 or

3/25/2021: First virtual meeting of stakeholders hosted by JEO
4/12/2021: City of Scottsbluff submitted initial draft of Community Profile for NPNRD Hazard Mitigation Plan
5/18/2021: City of Scottsbluff meets with JEO for Community Rating System (CRS) portion of Community Profile
7/14/2021: Second meeting of stakeholders hosted by JEO
August 2021:  Public Open House on Hazard Mitigation Plan Draft