City Manager

Nathan Johnson, City ManagerNathan
PH: 308-630-6202
FAX: 308-630-6294

2525 Circle Drive
Scottsbluff, Nebraska 69361

Message from the City Manager

The City takes a great deal of pride in its progressive approach in providing a broad range of quality, affordable services.  The 5 member Mayor and Council guide all decision-making and spending.  This is accomplished through their policy directives and annual budget.  The city manager guides and is responsible for day to day operations in all areas of service.

Our priority is to maintain what we have in place to assure long term value and sustainability.  Everything from public safety to processing solid waste is guided by this principle.  However new initiatives are important to move the community forward and keep up with ever-changing economic and social change.  Any new initiative is carefully measured to guarantee long term quality and service.

Along with our progressive nature is the need to be transparent in all that we do and the recognized importance of citizen opinion in everything we do.  For this reason you will see we provide viewers of this site with easily accessible phone numbers and email connections.  We want to hear what you have to say and we want you to be aware of everything going on in your City government.  We are always seeking better ways to do things and a big part of doing it right is including you in the process.  The only way to effectively participate is to be aware of all the facts available.

The Mayor and Council  exercise a conservative approach to spending and monitoring activity.  For this reason the community enjoys a very stable fiscal condition with a comfortable “rainy day” reserve.  Audits free of significant findings are a tribute to financial management and care in how the city conducts itself in all that we do.  The community is a safe, secure, family friendly environment providing a full range of quality services.  We welcome and value your participation and satisfaction with what we have to offer.